5000th poster gets a cookie (cookie thread cookie thread)

Guys what do you likeee to dooo

What’s yo passionssss?

your mom

I like to play minecraft and splatoon

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What do you like to do on minecraft?

What’s yo craft

I dunno really

Lamp oil.

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I wonder… Say a whacky invention from mind to see if I can script it


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To attach a rope to yourself to go bungee jumping or simply trying to tangle things can be certainly done!!

The bomb one already exists on roblox, what do you wish this bomb to be? A particular look, to do something more pragmatic or anything else?

A horse galloping backwards

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Deep beneath the surface of pluto

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I can actually inverse controls

Though I can make the NPC that just gathers speed while walking backwards

Backwards long Jumping

to be fair the cookie thread posts were always an exponentially increasing number
it took us years to even learn there was a cap on the posts in the cookie thread
it took us, what, a month to reach the cap on thread 2?

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I can certainly do it so when you jump and press a key, you go weee an amount of spaces backwards

And by thead 12 it took less than a day to blow through the cap.

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How about an infinite tunnel

We can do the same trick Super Mario 64 the cursed stairs stage limit does.

When you reach a certain point of the tunnel, it teleports you to a previous point giving the illusion of infinity.

Yes, you can’t make things infinite

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How about a procedurally generated infinite hallway?