'80s Wild Overhaul FM - TOWN VICTORY

Yes this is what I was assuming.

So if Gyr’s a 3p that can’t win with town, it would explain why the game’s not over currently (that, or obscurity is mafia, but it’s the same like, 5% chance thing lol)

I think if he really is 3p, Glass does have potential to be mafia

Does a 2 mafia vs 1 anti-town 3p vs 11 town sound unbalanced?

Like I think 3v1v10 is more balanced, but I don’t know for sure

btw did Glass mention when she’d start counting for parity again? during the night, or the next day?

I agree w this

I can skip whenever, I just don’t know if Gyr is gonna come back and answer questions or what

“for sure anti-town”

I guess we don’t need to wait for him to claim a wincon?

Though, he doesn’t seem like a killing role…??


we need unanimous agreement anyways
so if he wants to answer he can do so on his own time

/skip day 6

Ngl, I’m kind of willing to bet the game on Lissi just being town and take a potato to my face if wrong

But yeah in terms of balance I’d think 3 mafia 1 neutral or just 3 mafia… thing is I’m kinda torn if I believe Gyr is neutral at all due to some of their stuff with bean and Magnus looking paired.

Lissi is town
I’m like 98% certain

/forward execute on Grylander

This means Skip as in fast forward the execution on Grylander

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Hello I’m Zorvo and I make up commands that don’t exist.

/Skip day 6


You should have believed me when I said you can’t Lynch me.

D6 Final Vote Count

Gyrlander (4): obscurity, Lissi, Lemonfairy, Zorvo
Lissi (1): Gyrlander

Ties result in [No Exe]. Nobody has been executed!

Night 6 starts now and lasts until 2022-09-24T12:00:00Z. However, in the event that all players have voted to start Day 7 early (by writing “ /skip night ”), the remainder of Night 6 will become an extension of Day 7.

@Glass has returned to the thread!

@Lissi has been killed!

Her role was...

You are a [Town] Role Dreamer

Each night, you may choose between “dream of town” or “dream of mafia”.
If you dream of town, you will be informed about the role of one random member of Town.
If you dream of mafia, you will be informed about the role of one random member of Mafia.
For each dream, if you have activated your ability, you will lose your ability to dream that alignment.
(In other words, you may only dream of town once and dream of mafia once.)
If you get visited by any role in the night, you will not have a dream.

Your win condition is to eliminate all Mafia and any other threatening parties.

Day 7 begins and ends at 2022-09-26T12:00:00Z. Since there are 5 players alive, Supermajority requires 4 votes.



Gyrlander has revealed himself to be a member of Mafia!

Lmao you got to be kidding me


VOTE: Gyrlander