April Showers Reconstructed - Night 3 (11/15)

Calm down! Sheesh

i don’t like this agression

If LittleLee is mafia I will just have to shitpost for rest of game until my inevitable hanging.

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gg for d1 mafia

I know you’re frustrated, no swearing plez

Like the 5th person to do so leaf

Frost Switch to Zolt

gl yall

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D1 Final Votecount

LittleLee (6): Frostwolf103, Kiiruma, wrongboy, bystander, Leafia, Zoltraak
Zoltraak (5): SultanOfSlam, Anonygoose, TeenGhidorah, Eve, Bionic
Kiiruma (1): Wazza
bystander (1): Memekingpizza

Not Voting (2): Someone, LittleLee

If there are any mistakes in this vote count, then you have until 2024-05-15T22:05:00Z to inform the hosts.


The bullet has narrowly missed TeenGhidorah.

@LittleLee has been executed.

His role was...

Night 1 has begun and will end at 2024-05-16T22:00:00Z.




Something has changed…

Something pertaining the order of the player list…

@wrongboy has been killed!

Their role was...

Day 2 starts now, and ends at 2024-05-18T22:00:00Z.

Since there are 13 players alive, majority requires 7 votes.


Something has changed…

Something pertaining the order of the player list…

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Lee’s flip pretty much spews Zolt town. i can understand why Zolt thought he was self resolving too and I’m 99% confident that he wouldn’t have claimed selfresolving had he known Lee’s role.

jesus this playerlist keeps moving my head hurts ngl

I think this list gimmick is all about the player list and chats butbill say nothing more than that.

VOTE: leaf

I think it’s thanks to Eve based on what Lilith has been saying in the neighborhood D1. We also got a new member to it too last night and lost a member.

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