Assassination Classroom’s BOTF XXIII - Signups (Filled!)

Chat should I join

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Demon gets slain day 1 and we exe the scarlet woman


This is better

Outlook good.

Very well.

/in 17

Magnus I wait my rewards in terms of daily hugs and me giving you random cotidianne thoughts

For the same thing I do for the latter but infrequent enough

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Sure thing. @Jarek hug Silviu every day, thanks.

Jarek barely even says a word!!!

The cat got his lizard tongue

Jarek has 23 posts in this thread! That’s five more than you have!

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should i travel in mods

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Marking you down as Gunslinger.

:nerd: thats not on the list, are you jesting in your own signup thread


Don’t be ridiculous! The only jester on this script is the Saint.

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ive never processed that saint is just a town jester



Saint is nothing compared to Alchemist Goblin

But sure lets go with that

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When would this be starting btw?

In about three hours from now.

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