Blood on the Forums XXVII: Hide and Seek -- Evil Wins

Idk, I’m down to vote Mayhater, simply bc their results have been so unreliable I’m confused

but also may kinda gets mad at people whenever they’re evil so

yeah. I never like saying frustration seems contrived because if it is real frustration it only serves to make people feel worse, but also I don’t really buy it. Although also I think my opinion matters the least here

That’s acceptable. That way, we’ll know if I was poisoned or not which will be valuable info.

@may are you gonna say it to us

No. Tomorrow

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oh after day ends?

She means D3. Also, signs point to Gummy either being drunk or evil I think.

again i think signs (my ability)!! point to gummy being mutant but… what evs

Gummy ain’t the mutant socially at all.
But I get what you mean.

I do frankly agree, I kinda think they haven’t been acting like mutant in the slightest which gives me concerns. But i know what my results say

Realistically the fact that if they are mutant means they should know I am good (or have higher confidence) on it but still are harping on pushing me gives me paws

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I think if we can figure out who the drunk is, things will be a lot easier for us.

VOTE: benguined

Eh, since my nom didn’t count I’m gonna do a last second one because lol



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As May has four votes, which is greater than anyone else, they are executed.

They do indeed die.

But the game continues. The night begins, everyone go to sleep.


Kiiruma has died in the night.

Day 3 begins now and ends in precisely 48 hours. Nominations and voting will be available after the first half of the day.

“A true passion that burns within your soul is one that can never be put out.” – Zach Toelke

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Best of luck to all.

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Not too surprised by that death and it means I’m most likely poisoned. I got a drunk result too so if I’m somehow not poisoned, May is the drunk.