BOTC/BOTF Discussion Thread 2

it sounds like. hell on earth for everyone involved

okay but admittinly it’s really funny to make yourself harpy mad if evils are losing terribly

Someone who didnt put enough thought into that combo

3, everyone knows if harpy isn’t in play, so you can’t use that as a hypoworldbuilding element


the investigator vizier jinx is a sin of character design and it isn’t even in the top 5 worst jinxes. possibly not even top 10


And yet its one of the most popular jinxed interactions on unofficial methinks

Does vizier have to reveal itself to force an exe(

It doesn’t say pubicilly so

i think it does, so invest isn’t completely just worse than it would be if it wasn’t there

even if it doesn’t a surprise vizier exe at least confirms invest is in play

To be fair the invest is confirmed!

Oh no… yeah no that’s not a 7P script, nah.

Watch Midnight get 20 players when I’m STing that.

I was recently wondering about the preferred voting systems for BOTF on FoL, because everyone feels differently about them and share their thoughts all over the shop. So I posted a centralised poll to condense the popular votes.

Which BOTF voting systems are you most comfortable with?
  • Tight Classic (Multi-Voting, votes lock in a circle, requires a 50% majority)
  • Loose Classic (Multi-Voting without locked votes, requires a 50% majority)
  • Mafia-Adjacent (Singular + Plurality voting)
  • Hybrid (Multi + Plurality voting)

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This is just more of a personal question, but I’m dying to know.

Which BOTF whispering systems would you be most comfortable with?
  • Limited (A select number of whispers for each player per day)
  • Unlimited (Players can whisper as many times as desired)
  • No Neighbour Whispers (Players have to announce whispering their neighbours)
  • Closed Neighbour Whispers (Players can send an unannounced 15 word message to both neighbours each day)
  • Open Neighbour Whispers (Players can silently whisper their neighbours as many times during the day as desired)
  • Demon Whisper (Each Demon can send an unannounced 15 word message to anyone once per game)

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your second poll doesn’t distinguish between “non-neighbor whispers must explicitly be announced” (as is standard on FoL and BotCU, but not everywhere) and “not that”


Why do people prefer limited whispers? Is it because it encourages people to talk & share info in thread?

ya, unlimited whispers also makes it easier for good and longform botc is already fairly townsided

Litten and I used to whisper and unwhisper each other like once every 5 minutes

That’s fine and healthy

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