BOTC/BOTF Discussion Thread 2

the difference is that pithag & fang gu on S&V requires risk and sacrifice to make it work
the infinite chaining strategy is ridiculously safe and effective, and uninteresting

Also wait

What kind of script are you running that has 2 good players that can turn themselves evil

(with Pit Hag)

Not even with pit hag

Why are goon and CL on the same script together

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(This is the only way this combo works btw because the other jinx is Politician which doesnt do this)

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tpi will really patch like 5 summoner edge cases but not poppy grower/vortox


all i’m saying is now that tpi has set the precedent for balance patches there is absolutely no excuse for that not to be in balance patch wave 2

pukka just became so much more powerful
but also maybe having a demon that early isn’t a good idea

does this mean a summoner would wake n2 on pulka scripts and not on other scripts

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guys i think we should put summoner in bmr

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it can replace mastermind

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I think there’s just an outright PG change coming

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what’s happening to it

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We dont really know rn

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in honor of the balance patch I’ve updated my S&Veensy

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where best S&V demon, ruler above all, no-dashii

earlier versions of this script had a No Dashii but the Quizbowlcord people complained that there was “only one sober townsfolk” and that it was “too wolfsided”

the quizbowlcord people are “nerds” theres no such thing as wolfsidedness in botc

who up extending they cord