BOTC/BOTF Discussion Thread 2

but admittedly the one character script is funnier

The spy registered as a damsel in setup (real)


I wish

The only way you could maybe have it happen is if you had a pit hag turn someone into a huntsman and then they picked the spy which could be hilarious

alternatively hag the damsel out of play then create a spy

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turn the damsel into a spy (real)


You’d need a hag either way

Or a troll amne ability that is something like “abilities that would affect the set-up, don’t.”

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man if only we had an evil amnesiac then the troll stuff could be real

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You could have a positive town amne ability that just removes the huntsmans +damsel ability, it’d kinda suck for the amnesiac though

So you could probably just add a bit where the amnesiac counts for the huntsmans ability

Just have a good Amne add an evil Amne.


huntsman +1 vigor -1

Hatter (Outsider): If you died today or tonight, the Minion and Demon may choose new Minion and Demon characters to be.

barber just wasn’t good enough for them huh

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ojo become not ojo speedrun


this icon


art is by steven Medway himself so its automatically better than everything else

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graphic design is his passion