BOTF XXI: Unkindness, Murder and Storytelling Main Thread GAME OVER

I have lived to regret every evil pact I’ve made with Litten so heed my warning, Hazard.


this isnt an evil pact

This is more like a summoning spell

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this is a “if i lose litten your losing with me”


Nevermind, then.
That dead player cannot win unless they stall the game. If the Demon chose to kill themselves at night, that player can’t do anything.


it would be the ultimate “fuck you”

Should I act annoyed instead of my actual reaction being “this is hilarous if it happens” if you are vizistor?

You cannot defeat me when I find eveyrbing hilarous

Hey Litten, do you know what a floating red herring would look like here?

nah you can be happy or sad. it makes me fullfilled either way

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The recluse registering as the demon fortune tell right?

for politcal reasons this is a joke

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I don’t remember the details

The Recluse or the Spy, yes.
But in this game, if the Suits chose the Slasher and made them register as their own red herring…

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I need to actually drive now

It doesn’t specify good, nevermind.

I have deepcleared myself as not the Vizitor or Slasher, you’re all welcome.

This is all part of the plan.

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kiiruma what minion are you if you were a minion

I will survive until F3 and then everyone will turn on me like in AMQ.