Face Your Fears (BOTC) - [8/15]/[3/3]

if evils are stomping good abilities will help good more often

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in this specific context

I’ll he honest I typed on mobile of how every character might interact with the spiral flipping their agency. And I was gonna send it when game started to get some early cred.

But then I accidentally deleted it all and I feel so gutted lmao

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im so sorry

Nah it’s all good it happens.
I was gonna pull off an early cred grab and then tech did a fucky wucky

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/semi-informed spec
I wish to know only the following information:

The alignment of one, and only one, random traveler.


the monkey’s paw curls. you now know the alignment of the distortion, which not even they know


during this question session, the thread will remain open. only breekon and hope can speak. after they finish, i’ll lock the thread

these two players will be in a rolecard pm together, and count as only 1 person for whispers

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new tab added

…silviuuuu what spec do you wanna be

/semi-informed spec not sure what i want to be informed of yet, i don’t really wanna put the hosts through savant report hell when they already have to deal with this


Heck no. If you don’t want to give them Savant hell, take spectator Huli Jing with five different YSK roles or something.

/out as semi-informed spec

i’ll be stepping away from the forums for a while. Feel free to friend and/or dm me on discord if you wish to reach me. Peace out


/spec (semi-informed)

with Magnus’ alignment

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I feel put on the spot.


nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa I just hope to learn tells :flushed:

(there is a high chance I just dont read the game at all tho lol :joy_cat:)

…im not quite sure what this means since you didnt say as much

I don’t have any. I can’t read fortunes or anything.


enjoy your time out