FAM2 Game Thread 1 - Day 1

Whysper wagon good

bonk time

Butter tastey

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it’ll confirm my role but not my alignment so prepare for disappointment


I cant believe its not butter

Illuminati itc

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you guys have really reminded me why I disliked this game dude, i really don’t want to be in the thread 24/7 nor did I plan to be when I joined, im trying to have a nice dinner with my family.

hey molly, whats ur current reads

Fair enough, but they’ve also had fake thoughts as well which is why I think they’re a wolf

Oh yeah I wouldn’t want Alice voted out today.

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good morning chat

Same for at least Day 1

have there been any shocking developments

if I’m converted I’m claiming masons with Molly

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well that’s certainly a broad place to start lol

can you give like, a list of names or something

eevee is a weeb


that’s not shocking nor a development

Kinda the same in someways

but we also signed up for this game aswell tbh

there is no conversion tho

id much prefer if u give me ur updated readslist of names from earlier, and then i ask about a specific 1 of the names on it

Probably have not treated you very well this game and im sorry

I do not think youre townie

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