FAM2 Game Thread 4 - Day 5 - The Mafia (and Italy) have won!


Zone I’d like you to know I wasn’t making fun of you for having incorrect scum reads assuming you’re town.

No hard feelings Zone.

role cards were made before playerlist was set so shrug
we had 2 urprise ins

Can we agree that no matter who wins, that we had fun and there are no hard feelings?

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Tbf I’d rather lose while being a good sport than win and being toxic.

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You know this game does show me a lot of how I play the game and where to improve.


Like, the boats shit d3-n3 messed town up real bad.

i had fun d1
the later days were iffy but I dont want to ruin anyone elses fun so go for it

im probably pretty depressed too
regardless of alignment

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Yeah if you’re confirmed town, then you shouldn’t join BOATs.
I only joined BOATS D1 because I was domed with Wisdom.

Like, it’s what I said before. I don’t think mass-death events should exist past d1-d2 as by then the playerlist would be thinned out too badly to the point that the event would be too impactful in the game overall.

This is something we can suggest to hosts in the MU Anni Mash.

boats killed 6 people and it completely changed the course of the game

Anni has like 170+ people.

Plus in MU hosts don’t put mass-death events later than d1-d2.


wolf checklist
join boats
beg ici for the events answers

Wait is Crewmate a 3p? I thought it was a passive

can’t get over the idea of an event with 20 players and everyone dies

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OMG please no.

eight wolves in
half of them are high power

Was I in that game? I’m pretty sure I wasn’t playing.