FAM3: REDEMPTION - [n1] [55 alive] Secondary Sighs

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Foallean Religion

Not much is known about the religion practised within the Fortress of Lies! Documentation is scarce, centered around the inscription (depicted above), which, translated into Toki-Eng-Litch, reads “SETUPPE DESIGNE IS MINE PASSIONE”. The meaning of these words is unclear, and so historians and archeologists have to engage in Interpretation, the main subject of this unit of your course.

Interpretation is the key to historical analysis! For example, some historians, such as Adoris Boneweave III, believe this to be an exultation of the Foallean’s high valuation of the foundations of various fields: they were famous, after all, for deriving from first principles things such as language in the course of their daily jobs, referred to by the archaic term “GAME”. This is referred to as the “Orthodox” view, and is held by most respectable historians! Others, however, disagree: Unlael Iridum has offered the alternative interpretation that this statement was in fact sarcastic, and it refers to something else.

Come up with two different ways historians could potentially interpret the common phrase “To the horse, the light”, assuming they know nothing about the context of that phrase. Give reasons why!

- Historical Foundations 2: The Fortress Of Lies, Alejandro Rodriguez et. al., 2499.



I think it’s important to note that impartiality is not neutral! For example, in Historial Foundations 2, a textbook that is ~still in usage today (I’m not all that connected in education circles, please correct me if I’m wrong.), the orthodox view of the Fortress Of Lies’ religious motto, which is agreed with by 100% of all respectable historians, is presented as totally equal to the sarcasm hypothesis, which, as long-time readers of this blog will know, is based on no conceivable evidence and in fact exists to support a political agenda. It’s important to pay attention to this sort of thing!

- excellenceorgaysephiroth, Tumblr, May 14, 2523, 4:54 PM, tumblr.com/excellenceorgaysephiroth/43252

The truth in some cases, of course, emerges very quickly indeed: over the course of 12 hours, a series of facts were drawn like water from the aquifer of reality:

  • They were, in fact, in 2023.
  • They had seemingly all been channeled, by unknown means, into the bodies of the inhabitants of the Fortress.
  • They had gained the skills, goals, and some part of the beliefs of those bodies.
  • They really, really wanted to kill someone.

In the shadow of a rampart, a six-sided face watched. If you looked closely enough at it, it would seem to be screaming noise made out of silence. Words such as:


The droning incessant. As the light drew in, whatever this beast was drew minds in its’ wake, eyelids fluttering in mouthless laughter. Was this the thing that had drawn them there?

And then they awoke. A body fell on the floor, leaking a substance that was very definitely not blood: purple. Looking at it for too long caused images of hatred: bullies, bosses, hounds, tigers, oh gods, oh so many beasts, to shimmer in your peripheral vision.

“We… I remember one of us doing this.” she said. Never mind who she was. She could’ve been anyone. She was probably you.

There was another body, two. Six faces. Utterly still. Yet, they were not home: the patent truth of monsters is that their dissolution is never enough. Both cadavers seemed disastrously unimportant in the face of it. Weeping, they gave burials and libations of scorn, and entered quarters hewn for other flesh: flesh they were now borrowing.

There was nothing left but to wait, then act.


Day 1 final votecount

Creature (18): catbae, Chloe, nutella, BradLand, Cape90, lol, Marluna, Vulgard, Gorta, cheesethatiscloned, Jane, row666, Ashlyn, thepigeonnyc, benguinedparbecue, Leafia, Atlas, Jaiden
thepigeonnyc (8): Achromatic, Arctic, guavagudetama, Apocryphal, min, May, Zenon, Amelia
Daeron (3): an_gorta_slanktai, Wazza, Hazardwaste
BradLand (2): Demisha, Zorvo
Kiiruma (2): RaisinBranEnthusiast, Creature
Leafia (2): ElizaThePsycho, Kiiruma
Zenon (2): Sadbi, Silviu200530
guavagudetama (1): Daeron
Ashlyn (1): beancat
Vulgard (1): Zone_Q11
Apocryphal (1): Frostwolf103
Atlas (1): EV.0
Cape90 (1): Kanave
Jaiden (1): Magnus
Italy (1): Hippopablompoyeetus
May (1): Litten
Litten (1): eevee

Not Voting (10): Italy, sulit, JakeTheWolfie, Kork, Yamikarp, Tyrone, Jarek, Garfooled, crazynuto, YoubutWorse


@Creature has been executed. He was:


You are Min, Mafia KPOP Star. Always in a nebulous state of leaving and returning, your based way of speaking always ensures your presence is known when you do choose to make an appearance. Due to this iconic method of speech, you can efficiently confuse those who do not understand you.

Also sidenote but nct 127 does slap ty ty for rec.

Unexpected Reentrance (Passive): All non-factional night actions you take are processed before all other night actions.

;awvuajnuavwvaiojwef (Night): Roleblock a player. If they are a member of the Town, also doctor them.

You win the game if no more threats to the Mafia exist or nothing can prevent that from happening.

Night 1 begins and will end in 24 hours, at 2023-06-27T18:00:00Z. Actions are due 2 hours before the end of the night.

SHEEP results will be revealed shortly. An asynchronous night event will be posted afterwards.


sheep reveal will be here:

give me a bit to set it up, will unlock the thread when its ready

Announcement: @catbae will be protected tonight.


Night 1 has begun.

A public shop has opened.

  • Any living player may purchase an item from the shop for 1000 Mana.
  • You may only purchase 1 item per night.
  • You may only purchase each item once over the course of the game.

Items for Sale:

  • Fire Essence
  • Wild Essence
  • Water Essence
  • Ice Esssence
  • Air Essence
  • Earth Essence
  • Holy Essence
  • Dark Essence

Host announcment

I am “liking” night actions to record that I am entering them into the night action spreadsheet. If you submit a night action, and after a few hours it has not been liked, please remind us – it may have been missed.

If you decide to change your action, you should send a new message rather than editing your existing message – otherwise we may miss it.

for anyone who is invested in the SHEEP scores, there has been a minor change in the top placings as a result of a mistake on my end

additionally, SHEEP prizes have been distributed


FoL Site Trivia

Players: Unlimited
Chance of Death: None
Mobile-Friendly: Yes
Duration: All night. Submissions are due 2 hours before EoN, at the action submission deadline.
Other Notes: Correct answers will be revealed publicly shortly before SoD. Individual scores will not be public.

How to Join:

Submit your answer privately on the forum in a PM to @Dark_Joycat .

Reminder: You may not talk or hint about any ongoing events in any non-event chat, public or private.

Welcome to the FoL Trivia Event!

What is FoL Trivia?

  • You will see a list of ten regular questions and one tiebreaker question.
  • Your goal is to answer as many questions correctly as possible.
  • Ties will be broken based on closeness to the tiebreaker correct answer.
  • Research IS allowed. However, you may not discuss the event questions with anyone (whether or not they are in the game).
  • If a question asks you to provide a link, it can be answered with a link present on “new FoL” (Fortress of Lies) – you will not need to consult the FoL archive. Archival links are still acceptable if they are valid answers to the question.
  • Questions that ask you to provide a game link can be answered with either Misc or FM links, unless specified otherwise.
  • You may not provide links to ongoing games (including this one).
  • Any correct answer counts, even if it is not our “intended answer.”

Question 1-5: User Trivia

  1. As of June 25, 2023, of users who have posted on FoL, which user has the highest likes received:post ratio?
  2. This user has posted the most total posts on Fortress of Lies. (Does not include posts from the old forum.)
  3. This account exists on Fortress of Lies and was created prior to June 1, 2023, but has never posted.
  4. Not counting players who have ever had moderator or admin powers on the current FoL site, their alts, and host accounts, which account was the first to join Fortress of Lies?
  5. This FoL user has represented a forum mafia community other than FoL at the Mafia Championships, but has never represented FoL (either the old or the new site).

Questions 6-10: Provide a link

  1. This game was “won” by a Revenant.
  2. Provide a link to a single reply (cannot be the first post of a thread) with more than 1000 words of text, as measured by https://www.charactercountonline.com/.
  3. Provide a link to the single reply on FoL (cannot be the first post of a thread) with the most likes as of June 25, 2023. (If you link a post from the archive, any post with an equal or greater number of likes to the most-liked reply is acceptable.)
  4. Provide a link to a forum mafia game that was won only by a neutral role.
  5. Provide a link to the thread with the most total all-time views.

Tiebreaker Question

T. As of this post being posted, how many messages are there in the FAM3 hosting Discord?


Please send your answers as a numbered list. You do not need to restate the question, just provide a number and your answer.


The Elden Beast is present in the game.

Host Disclaimer: This announcement was supposed to be made at start of day 1. :joy_cat:

@thepigeonnyc has been modkilled. They were:


You are sulit, Town Cat Vigilante. You are known for many things, but this time we’re focusing on the most important one: your cats. Your grey cat, Honeycat, is an iconic FoL cat, but you’ve also adopted two other cats, including a black cat named Void. This game, Voidcat will be represented by a void.

Notorious L-I-T (Passive): The Mafia are aware that your role is present in the game.

Void (Night): Curse target player to go to the Void . It will be publicly announced that a player has been Cursed, and will be sent to the Void at the end of the Day. A player sent to the Void dies. If you die, all Curses are removed.

Toast (Passive): You are in a neighborhood called Toast’s Domain, which will close when you die. Players you kill will join Toast’s Domain instead of dead chat if they are a member of the Town or have an unknown alignment. If a player in Toast’s Domain is ever revealed to not be a member of the Town, they are removed.

Honey (Cycle, Immediate): Remove chosen player from Toast’s Domain.

You win the game when the Mafia and all other threats to the Town have been eliminated.

Compensation for the affected faction(s) may be given.


We are looking for 2 subs please message this account if you are intrested.


@WindwardAway has replaced @Tyrone

still waiting on 1 more sub

@tutuu has replaced @Yamikarp