FAM4: Thread 8 - Days 5&6 (TOWN IS VICTORIOUS)

Anyway since people like to read into me being whimsical

VOTE: meuh

I will play nice





nvm it didnt get announced yesterday either

yk what i respect it tho.

Im playing lesbian pop on repeat i am unstoppable

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Itas are what 9 right

I will be on a podcast then

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good luck babe owo

I am listening to bimbocore.

not that far apart just more energy (and technically bi)

Talking about how i am a brilliant wolf

Ooooh spooky

im so serious i listened to feminomenom nonstop while wolfing the other week. awooooooo(men)

Lol c u there

Iā€™m listening to my air conditioner and hearing music in my head

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make sure to not ogi.

for neils sake.

This is such a a may post

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Make sure not to bring up this game

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im listening to my you tube mix

I keep wanting to put on real music but my earbuds are across the room and my legs are far too weak to get over there

for my grandmas sake.