I'll Catch You - Gamethread - Mafia Victory

Awww…it isn’t me? :frowning_face: j/k

Just to be silly and make people think the game was over until they saw my flip. I had been planning to do tht once someone trustfalled me since the beginning of the game for the fun of it.

see i thought you were trying to reaction test me

I just wish Tas and Someone had been in the thread to see it too.

Nope. In fact, the way you reacted almost had me thinking you were town interestingly enough.

I made sure it would be before posting that.

I think 95% of the people would’ve.

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Also, trust falls should be disabled for the first 24-48 hours.

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No idea what that is but sounds interesting.

Finally got caught up. Now good night everyone. :sleepingleafeon:

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ngl your reaction to that was the main reason i thought it was you, you did not at all seem annoyed or convinced in the slightest

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i thought it was misty bc of this post and literally nothing else bc there wasnt much else to use

I thought about going against my better jusgement and signing up for this game and im really glad i didnt. People seriously need to start actually playing the games they signed up for, it is incredibly unfun to play against or with those who dont play the game



I’m never passing this setup again




I mean people do call me that yea, im not tho