Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Personally I feel like keeping Alch claim alive unless they start acting a fool




Then who are you electing as king, real question

That would require me to read stuff which sounds like too much effort with no reward towards my win condition. Apologies!


Hmmm, going to give this post a slight villagerlean and I might know who Pav actually is but I’m not certain yet. I’m also not sure if we’re allowed to speculate on who each other is or not.

That reminds me too. I don’t want to be king since it won’t change much if anything for me. Well, not as much as it would for anyone else that is.

Nah. You want to be king a bit too much for my tastes. The best king is someone who doesn’t want to be king but also isn’t a BD class that can kill.

Going to scumlean this slightly. It feels like Karin isn’t worried about potentially electing a wolf to be king here. We need to be careful about who we elect.

Never mind. I’m fine with becoming king now. I thought bcoming king meant giving up my role.

Good idea. Here’s a slim v-lean for you.

Going to park my vote here for now. VOTE: Nash

Seems way too earlger to no exe for my tastes.

Not sure whether this sounds villagery or scummy. Leaning towards the latter.

Willing to let you live for now at least.

Skipping is always only helpful to the wolves.

It likely will be if they keep this up.

i dont think so, i think we’re supposed to be just fully anon

Also, does anyone know if the wolves were able to convert last night or not?

Good post Leafia, I think you’re town. :sleepingleafeon:

my post aged certainly well

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we aren’t allowed to speculate



Yeah. That’s what I was thinking too. Now I’m eager to find out who everyone was an alt of postgame.

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TLing Osaa’s opener because I want to


I didn’t see this in the rules. Where?

On the contrary, this is good behavior who’s electing someone so in case Henryk is evil that got flipped, then the voters responsible are next in worse case scenario.


Sounds to me like I can speculate all I want, IcetFeelsPain!


either way it goes against the spirit of the game (probably)