Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

what does that mean?

from what i literally just read, I assume they have a town check, which doesnt need to be outted, given wills, and they already said the chances of the them dying are probably low?

so please poibnt to where they are being intentionally ambiguious

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Then communications have broken down and I can never work with you regardless of alignment because from my perspective the actions you’re taking can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to only have potential benefit for the wolves.

I’m claiming to be the Gex that changed your night ability on N1


did u see Kaisers big post on gex mech stuff?

You were my third target, thus making your ability be changed into a different one. You confirm the info of your own ability, which should be impossible as, once again I’ll say, you should have a different ability being used


I noticed that

It’s not relevant to me

VOTE: BlackKalev

almost forgot i was still on the person i was advocating to live

well i got put into a neighbourhood by myself. so i honestly dont know how to combat this


Do not engage with Marina’s claim yet. It’s a further complication and BlackValeh needs to make things clear before anyone makes their minds up based on potentially faulty premises. I am going to immediately consider anyone furthering that discussion as having an agenda of helping the wolves.

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well its like a 3f1 at this point lmao lets kill it

VOTE: Samarie

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Who were other targets? Was first one speaking with weird post restrictions?

i dont know what i did to so many people. but apparently i am a light to moths

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I’m going to make it clear that I have no involvement with this Gex thing you guys were talking about

My N2 action was to self-redirect Samarie

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also yeah this

That’s why I wanted to bring attention that they “did no action”

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kaiser just seems to want to really get answers out of Kalev?
but they’re approaching it in a weird way
add that to the list of scumreads