Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

can you polymorph someone into poss

Omg can i

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OMG I CAN. Please let me turn someone into a possesser it will be funny

For your claim to be real, 2c has to be true or something even less likely happened statistically speaking

Marina: Gex/Convert, polarised
BlackValeh: Sheriff/Convert, polarised
Samarie: Cult Leader/Court Wizard, polarised
Henryk: Noble
Osaa: Hunter
Tanaka: Chronomancer
Caligura: Alchemist
Nash: Fool
Abella: Paladin
Needles: Priest
Levi: Physician

2c. ???: ‘Unseen’
2c. ???: Oneiromancer

At this point we may as well all role reveal. I’m the Princess - N1: Flirt > Samarie > S/I N2: Couldn’t Investigate

BlackValeh’s new win condition is to prove the Oneiromancer exists, and it’s strictly balancing their range in a way that benefits only evil BlackValeh if they choose not to take that exact path of action. That shouldn’t be particularly hard for an actual sheriff to achieve once a full role reveal happens given all the information already in play.

Marcoh, Pav and August, there’s no room for selfishness here. Unless you’re willing to play objectively incorrectly in pursuit of your own interests revealing as soon as possible is the only choice you have unless you think I’m wolf.

If you disagree with the premises here, do not even bother talking to me, simply vote me. It’s past the point where it’s worth entertaining subjectivity because the odds are almost certainly in our favour on math alone once the pretending stops.


Wait you got a check last night?


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VOTE: samarie 4 pieces of info is good enough for me

whats the context here?

im confused

Unseen / Cult checks

well an Unseen scout and Cult check

or… you could wait for me to turn you into a possesser

You too, role reveal immediately.

choices choices

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it will be funny. i’ll let you pick if you want

I see why web was needed. Sure.



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the world hates me