Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

you are unkillable except for heretics and the sorcerer


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and execution

Hey for no reason what so ever let me live till tonight it will be funny

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Polymoprhing would be funny.

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take Holy Blessing and this ability

See i didnt understand polymorph. i thought it was straigh up just “turn a character into another BD character” which seemed boring

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now i understand its literally the opposite of that.
i wanna make someone a possessor for shits and gigs

you can also take Pass The Torch

Meanwhile it’s “turn someone into sorcerer so they can self-explode”

Allegiance to Chaos (Passive) - Immune to Non-BD kills once. If the Neutral Killer ever attacks you, you join a private chat with them. When you are crowned, you become the Psychopathic King, but still win with the other Neutral Killer.


Malevolent Tutor (Passive) - You have access to the following effects:

  • At the start of the game, you will have two random players assigned to you as your Protégés. You will also learn their classes.
  • Neither Protégé will know that they are your Protégé.
  • A Protégé that becomes King while you are alive will become a Spiteful King instead of a Good King if BD, and will gain a permanent chat with you.
  • You are immune to death at night once to attacks from non-bd players, and if crowned King you will become a Spiteful King.


Madman’s Folly (Passive) - Upon your execution, one player who voted for your death will immediately commit suicide, chosen by you.

Kinda lol

Hunter’s Will (Passive) - You are immune to death at night until the third night from non-Blue Dragon classes. You will be given a class for your target. The class will be aligned with the Blue Dragon and cannot be the Prince. If you mechanically cannot win, or if you kill someone that is not your target with Snipe, you commit suicide. Your passives can not be removed.

could be funny

Dream Sphere (Passive) - You will create an empty neighborhood known as the Dream Sphere at the start of the match (you aren’t in it). You are immune to conversion.

conversion immunity though…

unfortunently you can’t choose pretender

you also can’t take Hunter’s Will because it makes you leave the game

thats to far down the list for me to read

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Well. Not technically

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it’d count

The chancellors passive in full is entirely takeable though.

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Yeah i get it! i am bad at the game!

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idk why alter self is so cheap


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