Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Yeah i get it! i am bad at the game!

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idk why alter self is so cheap


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Self-conversion as spiteful king

this one is just funny tho

i didnt read down that far. i apologies. i know there was so many funnier options. tell me after i am finished feeling depressed for myself

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nah ur ok i just didnt realize you could take from Kings


Sage is even worse

  • Alter Self (1) (Night) - Give yourself a passive from any class that is not starting Unseen, Cult, The Pretender, a Neutral Killer, or makes you leave the game.
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my god

this wouldn’t work since its day 1 but

Imagine giving self a lying darkness announcement passive.

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unfortunately you can’t take from NKs

see your giving me so much to work with… if i live till tonight

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this ability should really be 4 or 5 mana ngl

i guess thats my fucking motivation XD. ok let me re read shit

if you live until tonight (and are BD) take this one

gives us extra info

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It has a drawback of making you leave a game when (i assune) you pick too broken ability.

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would be funny.

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