Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Imagine giving self a lying darkness announcement passive.

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unfortunately you can’t take from NKs

see your giving me so much to work with… if i live till tonight

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this ability should really be 4 or 5 mana ngl

i guess thats my fucking motivation XD. ok let me re read shit

if you live until tonight (and are BD) take this one

gives us extra info

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It has a drawback of making you leave a game when (i assune) you pick too broken ability.

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would be funny.

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and if you survive ANOTHER night, take Retribution too

surely GEYDE feels pitty for me and lets me use this ability during the day time

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Let’s talk about Kaiser.

Can amyome translate theirs posts into emglish any better im comparision to what I understood from them?

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someone else can try to decipher that, im just gonna call it town

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im also very prone to butting heads with players that post like that, so ya

Ye, I was considering it being second fool for a moment. Not on idea of it looking suspicious (it doesn’t), but rather baiting me to check them going south.

But that would be a weird way to aproach it too.

Abella died because of me by the way

And I am first to know Henryk’s role

Counterclaiming is counterintuitive for you, I wonder if alch claim would do the same

Do we have two CW claims?

Claiming court wizard and its special type yes, it’s usually bad when you can be also special evil

That means we’re killing you instead

VOTE: Caligura