Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Do we have two CW claims?

Claiming court wizard and its special type yes, it’s usually bad when you can be also special evil

That means we’re killing you instead

VOTE: Caligura

Well technically I can hold you

Huh? Really? I’m fine with you killing Kaiser tonight.

Because you’re still alive despite me attacking you last night. Duh. I’ve only said it half a dozen times now and it has been discussed for hours.

Both of CW’s converts have that same ability and CL is immune before converting too. Nice try scum.

How does that feel genuine in the slightest? It feels fake as f.


No. We’re executing Samarie today.

And why would you do that? The trollbox doesn’t need to come from a second neutral.


Nah we are not trust the process.

not exactly what i am referring to.
if i was immune at night what evil am i

the alchemist can still very much be in with both a fool and a assassin.

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Let alchemsit live.

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What did you kill them with

Yes I see



I softed enough, I say no more

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Kaiser claimed princess did he not

Eh fair enough. So that means the factional is accounted for.

Today I learned CW is special

Also prince can fake claim so I’m not worried about mass claim

The nice thing about social deduction games is that if the dataset is complete, they can be expressed fairly easily as a tree of variations using decision markers and ranges (even if each tree is complicated enough to have as many branches as an actual one). The information obtained can’t account for free will or intrinsic motivations that come from outside of the game… Which is to say the variance between the objectively correct decisions the data suggests should be made, and what actually happens, but what it CAN do is distill just about everything else in to a neat data point and give an incomparable amount of clarity as to the expected variance of each player based on their decisions.

Collating/scraping enough games to build a database starts to pick up some really interesting trends:

There is a contingent of players whose trees are not significantly different from a randomly generated one insofar as how they relate to the correct decisions.

  • The expected value of at least one such player existing in any single dataset is 1, which is to say at least one such player exists in each dataset
  • The tree of any single player in this contingent is projected to correlate to any other single player that exists in the same contingent predictably
  • The expected outcome of any one game correlates with the size of the contingent relative to the entire group, and its predictive power is surprisingly accurate
  • The expected value of a player in this contingent being evil is predictably lower than the odds

Returning back to the full dataset of a game with the contingent known unfortunately causes the illusion of it being interesting to crumble, because it becomes clear exactly what the database is suggesting once you stop viewing the data objectively and start thinking about it critically. I will leave it up to your judgement and investigation to decide what what is!

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Ftr I did

Good morning to you too

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I’m sorry but I didn’t read a word you wrote


I believe you misunderstood what I am softing, but I am not surprised since Abella suspected you, Daan and Pav according to her legacy reads

I am however wrong on my judgement and I intend to clear up that mistake.