Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

the whole “excited” part of their arguement, just doesnt feel real to me

i think the one thing coming out of that that i think is townie, is their CC

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Maybe a bit of an overexplanation instead of just CC’ing but I don’t think it’s too far out of left field overall

The Counter Claim depends on the level of knowledge Karin has about the game.

For someone who did not know it would grant more credibility, but it is easily faked for someone who does know the game.

Yes, looking back at mastermind card then it means either the result from Kaiser is fake or Karin is either CW or CL

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Hmm no wait, I thought they show up as different role


Samarie for god knows whatever reason do not :joy_cat:

Hey, do you still plan on jailing Karin?

I will probably be retiring for the evening.

sorry for me being missing today i had a really shitty day and i didnt really wannna be pressured for a bit.

ranger :3

you adore me huh all of the posts you posted are all about me. do you have any other reads thats not just me (i may be gorgeous but i want others to have attention)

do not what. i wanna do something let me do something.

I do have to say there is not much going for Karin to me at this moment. The only thing is really based on experience. I am referring to their play of Counter Claiming a role under the guise that they are unique. That is something that reeks of a town play, but if there is more experience it can be easily faked.

If I tarry any longer here I will likely not be here for the End of Day, so this is my exit.


It means to wait.

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fair enough

I am reconsidering to be honest



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@BlackKalev yeah I am not imprisoning Karin anymore, I keep my target anonymous

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