Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

That I can accept townreading them for.

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Could you compile a post going into detail why you think this?

I see what you mean, but if I’m being suspected I would rather be in jail even if gets me executed. I can leave a detailed legacy in jail nine times out of ten.

If you are talking about Pav’s reasoning for voting me there was no pressure. There was just a single vote and no further questions or pressure. This takes me back to “going with the flow”.

Neutral Killing did slip my mind.


Also, I likely won’t be here for EoD just to let everyone know.

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Maybe out of no where, but honestly finding conversion is a pain, especially for me


Im on and off till EoD

Their actions are so bad. They are not from a town mindset. Why would you ever stoneskin as CW when there is an ability from Alter Self called

It sounds like someone who wanted to find a role to fake claim having death immunity, saw CW and saw how they could stoneskin themselves and claimed that instead.

They were S/I checked by Princess. Don’t believe any NK has GF immunity


My thoughts exactly. Why stoneskin N2 when your death is needed to resolve the EoD 2 wagons?

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No I just find multiball just impossible, I don’t care if this replaces neutral killer slot

Besides having BD Wincon that is, the reason I say that is that there is almost no claimspace left

That makes sense to me.

I was almost going to say perspective slip on Daan’s part, almost


I mean i get the arguement for them using stoneskin feels not townie, but ur arguement is definitely something

Does anyone other than me have an opinion on Pav?

I can go take a look at their iso

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I barely remember a thing they have said and every push is going with the flow. I pushed an answer out of Pav on regarding Ossa, but I do not remember anything else from Pav.

We’re nearing to EoD, shall I?

I have set my action

I cant really pull anything out thats explicitly wolfy or towny honestly

I mean the blanket vote on dan and the early king talk is probably the worst things in their iso, but ya bothing really townie either

Everytime Pav gives a read it is because they are forced to. I also forgot about that Pav acted like it was not the end of the world if scum had Order Execute.

My biggest thing is how they are just going with the flow.