Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Theyd know about the bleeding

So… theyd have to not claim it for some reason

assassin has two different immunities to getting roleblocked so you aren’t mechanically cleared from killing blackkalev (just saying)


They do literally just have a 1 shot doublekill so that was probably it

(Plus osaa probably fired again)


so this one explains the extra kp

why wouldn’t they bleed anyone? isn’t that just free kp?

Bleed can be healed, main reason why you dont spam it

well thanks for not murdering me mister assassin kun :pray: i should probably stop trying to investigate who you are to not get on your bad side. i’m just chilling over here man. peace :pray:

oh i see

VOTE: Marina
Dont have much of a scum case on this one except POE. My current top scum candidate and the person who I wanted flipped today died.

I believe that if Daan were to be evil, they wouldd be neutral killing. It’s kind of TWTBAW with there interactions with Samieres slot, I dont think that scum would last minute change there vote like that. It just comes off as trying to gain town cred which, judging from there thread presense to far, I believe they’re a good enough player to recognize.

Olivia is me of course and I’m adorable

Karins interaction with Samieres slot once again feels genuine. I don’t think evil would counter claim a MM there when some people were defending them. They couldve easily gotten somebody else lynched and they didnt. In addition, as silly as there reasoning was, it did feel genuine. They honestly believed thats what a CW would do so they’re townie from my POV.

Tanaka has the interaction with Osaa’s slot, basically everything is screaming real. If they are evil, they would be converted last night in specific and I don’t think that scum would do that, given how obvious of a convert canidate they are.

HenryK, long live our ruler! Anyways genuine af especially with the MMs slot, voice of reason, townie from Day one until now.

Caligura I am fully dedicated to believeing the alchemist claim. I do not believe they are converted nor do I believe they srarted as evil. They have had a thourgh mindset through out of the course of the game that hasnt changed. They are helping twon rather than taking the LHF of not doing anything due to being a neutral, which I don’t think if converted would really do? I also believe in there trollboxed claim here.

August I’m going to ignore

Pav seems to be the #! canidate for a deepwolf this game and I strongly disagree with it. They have shpwn a townie mindset, so tonally there townie. Aside from tonally twonie, I think general thread consensus is that they’re townie? I don’t really want a deep ISO dive right now, but I disagree with alot of the pushes against them. They seemed to be interested in towns best interest at the time. For example, early game they pushed for king and whom they wnated to be king. The interaction read genuine and I stand by that. Even if it was only a light town having a town in king position is still better than nothing. Ill probably town case this later. Also, im sheeping former Olivia because they said Pav was townie.

Kaisers thread state this game is probably the most interesting player here. Despite this though, I don’t think they’re evil due to it. They seem to be genuinly interested in solving the game. There reads make sense and I can see them coming from a townie perspective, they seem invested in the game, they seem to have towns best interest in mind. The only thing I dont like about this slot was defense with sameire but even on D1 the silly thing with Samiere becoming king and that felt like not svs? It felt like a major leap. If this slot is evil I would say it was converted N2.

oh thats how he bypassed my healing on marcoh. assassin is real clever

ezzio auditore

This is a silly dumb tell
not going to read into it tho nyaa

well isn’t the game winnable by massclaim? (im not urging u guys. im just wondering). it’s a semi-open setup. probably can confirm most roles?

The Master Mind having additional abilities threw me for a loop. Going by the basic class cards they are not supposed to be death immune, so I deduced it had to be either Neutral Killer or Cult Leader.

We probably can if we want to risk anti claim
i dont think its really worth it atp

assassin already used his anti claim double kill. there’s more?

P sure assassin lost their anti claim when they became MM

And if its a lying darkness game i think they shouldve won by now

i see it does say partner. so yeah, there’s endless amount of evidence now that the starting mafia (unseen) were samarie the mastermind and the assassin, and there’s potentially more converted people