Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

We probably can if we want to risk anti claim
i dont think its really worth it atp

assassin already used his anti claim double kill. there’s more?

P sure assassin lost their anti claim when they became MM

And if its a lying darkness game i think they shouldve won by now

i see it does say partner. so yeah, there’s endless amount of evidence now that the starting mafia (unseen) were samarie the mastermind and the assassin, and there’s potentially more converted people

While there isn’t more, note that they get it back if they guess both roles correctly.

lying darkness was a neutral right? would there be 3 neutrals?

The oldest would be the Assassin

I think anti claim is gone

Correct. I don’t think an evil faction ever starts with only one member, unless this is multi-ball. But, the multiball claim already flipped as something else.

oooh i didnt read that part. you’re very right

it just says inherits not replaces. it reads to me like the assassin now has both roles combined? i dunno tho and not in my win condition to ask

I dont think it stacks

Ill go ask

Got a resounding no

Assassin doesnt have the anticlaim anymore

the assassin can kill 3 people tonight because we have public knowledge they correctly guessed their anti claim so u guys are in some pickle good luck


yeah so town should mass claim here imo but its ur game to win guys i aint leading (and i dont know a lot about the setup still)

Honestly dont think its bad for me to claim here

Im a second butler (henryk beware)

N1 wine Karin
N2 wine BlackKalev
N3 wine Marcoh

Yes i know i wined 2 occ immune flipped town

can there be duplicate town roles? if so, that’s how mafia doesn’t auto lose to mass claim

But more importantly i still have the 2 reflexive roleblockers so im obnoxious as hell to kill

Role design