Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

“Marcoh died of the plague i swear i did not yolobomb him”

Alternatively the NK just had a strongman

the game realy is multiball
NK isnt impossible nmw

oh right if i was plaguebearer and i killed it would be outed via death flavor right? so im safe

Im joking

The plaguebearer thing is for physician exhume


Marco poss jumped


(i meant to post this itt but i accidently posted in the mega thread with the roles)

Nevermind poss isnt occ immune

i guess the master mind converted a town who then provided the extra kp due to their role. thats my only explanation

the mech is cool though, really fancy roles, i like it. i’d have fun if i was town or mafia. well conversion mechanics potentially have a high salt score for players but other than that, really cool stuff, now that im understanding more. conversion isn’t bad on a fast paced game so i can see why fol (tol?) was a fun game

@August did @Karin self-resolve?

@August what happened

Oh god whatd you do

wait did the sheriff claim flip butler :wowee:



so they lied about their role, lied about the game being multiball, defended a wolf and then got shot by the town vig

Assassin >>> MM so Assa can’t use 2F1

would Assa keep the abilities that MM chooses it gets

thats a great question Karin

I assume no since they lose their role