Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

btw am i supposed to be in a thunderdome with karin? somebody mentioned that if karin is town there is no way there is extra kp (which would mean that it had to come from me)

unless im misunderstanding the situation. as i know that i didnt kill anyone, am i supposed to be voting karin here or? any help pls?

or was that marina?

i know nothing about this


news to me

I discovered a little gem while reading the Master Mind class card.

I do not fully understand how this fits into our little puzzle, but there it is.

I just remember people talking about this earlier when my connection was not working right.

I don’t know if you could tell, but I chose only people who spoke during day 1, Pav, Osaa and Samarie

Any of you all voting me should just listen to Pav regarding my slot. :person_shrugging:

All I’m saying is that none of you all have any chance of reading my alignment correctly based on what I’ve seen so just listen to the person who knows I’m good.


im gonna out my whole wish then is that ok

I do not think Kaiser is Assa and hunting Assa is a lot more important than converts rn

thats where im at :wowee:

theres only 1 person voting you :wowee:

who do you think it is then

Why don’t you think he’s assassin?

They started the wagon on Samarie D2. There wasn’t much suspicion on Samarie atp in time for them to need to bus, added the read feels genuine. They aren’t w/w atp in time at least.

You underestimate fol’s chronic bussing

Game Announcement

Due to unforseen circumstances, the game host has been changed.
The main host is now @eevee and as such, was added to all relevant game chats.

Game will proceed as normal.

Also, general reminder that discussing replacements (even host ones) is forbiden by the forum game rules.


Makes sense.