Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Lacking grammar isn’t a bad thing by the way I’m just pointing it out as scumcasing!

@august your defense?

i havent actually looked at the accusation but ssshhh

I was stoneskinned, yeah. Interesting, let me read the demon role.

It makes the most sense, given that you have little reason to lie. If you wanted to lie, just say you were healing the prince.

eh i can see it

not sure why it wouldnt be just any good ol strongman but

note this possible kill effect on Assassin
(though MM did die but i bet there’s more like this)

I don’t even know who the prince is :skull:

This is me:

its august

Unfortunately i do not think either poss jump or haemophilia works as a possibility.

Poss isn’t immune to roleblocking, and I roleblocked marcoh last night.

For that same reason I should’ve died to the rampage from haemophilia and yet I am quite alive.

ok fair

… did anyone rb Marcoh n2


why is this kinda convincing me

the Prince truly gained Possess as a night ability if they were jumped

…for fucks sake did your wish fucking force the poss to jump the prince


It’s entirely possible that my chronomancer thing counts.

this would be genuinely so fucking funny

nah that’s a delay it wouldnt count