Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

I personally think Kaiser. Their team got destroyed and they’re just slanking?

Trash read, but I haven’t tried to hunt unseen today, I came into thread swinging at the NK instead


will you be here at EOD?

Ok fair
I should. Probably swap there instead of the Prince claim

VOTE: Kaiser

Just for the extra pressure :tm: I’m gonna give someone who’ll be here at EOD two votes.

ahaha just kidding I’m not giving ANYONE two votes I just realised poss has a vote manipulator

hahaha hell no

I’d be careful voting today

whatever hammer is, assume that probably kaiser will have hammer -1 on them if we’re right

If you are talking about increasing someones votes I can not be certain that I’ll be there.

Yeah I considered giving someone 2 vote power just in case but the poss nullifies it

Guess I’ll make an effort to be here for EOD. If the prince fails to show and fails to answer my questions I implore you all to vote them off. Don’t give them any chance to move elsewhere.

alright, got it, vote august if they dont answer questions, otherwise vote kaiser

Just don’t forget!

Tbf i never had plans of jumping, i got randomly forced to jump

oh my god

Put me in a really bad position

@Karin what did you DOOOO

I’m ngl that’s a feels bad, you got wished into jumping the prince I’m pretty sure

Probably now that i think about it

Well wish granted I guess :thinking: