Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

VOTE: August

this also means Karin is lock not assassin which is a huge W

unless you want to convince me one of the cover abilities given was “force the Possessor to possess a player”

I know I voted the Possessor, but we can still use the rest of this day to look for potential unseen.

It will probably be easier to find the starting unseen first.

I should retire for the evening, but as it stands I have to say Gun to Head that I trust our king, Tanaka, and possibly Karin at this moment. In the morrow I will look at everyone more closely.

Looking for the starting unseen is good.

Imho I don’t believe Daan/Caligula/Karin/Tanaka (myself) can ever be the starting unseen.

Pav has claimed a roleblock that would put them at odds with what has actually happened. I don’t believe an unseen would do this…though they could.

Marina has claimed to mess with the converter, first turning the converters ability into a roleblock instead of conversion, and then making the converter self-target N2. Due to the night death, unless I am mistaken and they can night kill and convert on the same night they shouldn’t be converted if they are telling the complete truth.

Take note of the wording - REPLACES their night action.

Leaving Kaiser/Henryk as the potential starting unseen in my world. Pav/Marina are the people I would kill if these two somehow don’t flush them out.

Dan is the shakiest of my reads of never being starting unseen I will admit but they seem the least likely and have overall been townie in my opinion.

I totally failed to mention olivia here!

I don’t really know where to place them, but socially they’re townie enough for me to think they’re not starting evil.

No, you didn’t roleblock Marcoh last night

Remember how we discussed that fact you would’ve been switched to concentrated wine?


no regrets


if poss is outed I have to vote the poss out but there is 100% still Unseen

everything we’ve seen so far matches normal TOL / FOL

2 Neutrals - Alchemist / Fool
1 NK - Poss
2 Starting Unseen - MM / ???

It doesn’t make sense to lack the last Unseen

really do think Assa is just Olivia / Pav here with a slight chance of being Marine

@Kaiser can we get the Princess checks

Killing king so you can step is almost always -EV

Also hi I’m here for literally like 5 minutes

iirc it only delays kills?

VOTE: august wont be here at eod

can somebody give me 2-3 names i should consider doctoring tonight?

alternatively, do u guys want me to shoot kaiser?

im not shooting kaiser unless someone tells me to

I forgor