Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

And your only killing ability would have been fireball, with a 50% chance to land, and spreads to the persons neighbours (their starting ones, living or dead), so killing pav or marina makes little sense with that ability.

VOTE: Daan

doesnt your mana get refunded upon conversion


But then why would you waste your 50% chance shot on 1 person and not even double dip for a triple kill

yeah they arent cleared as a convert but they are cleared as MM


i just noticed that Pardoner is a class but it has nothing that converts into it

atm we’re just waiting on Daan and Olivia to check in
Olivia cannot be expected to vote Daan (nor can she be expected to speak) so

Is it not obvious what I am?

If it is not obvious I will have to explain the bread trail I left since Day 3 I think.

Tanaka can verify everything I think.

oh no i saw it too


btw has like
literally anyone been bled this game

Okay this’ll be good

Do you know what I have here?

well I know you’re the Observer

i don’t know any of your results tho

Did you notice what I was softing?