Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Unseen has a factional kill without Assa / MC




Hey pocketcat.

damn this is complicated



True, but D2 I would still prefer a ML as opposed to No Lynch. I find the information gained more worth the trade off of -1 town. Of course, chopping a scum is best.

On a side note, do you agree with my proposition of HenryK king? Im going to start recruiting members to there fan club!

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ill ask what happens if there is no assa/moon spirit one sec


nvm unseen probably has an assa / ms

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im so sorry i dont remember anyone’s names

I don’t scumread Henryk, and would not be opposed to coordinating King votes around them. However, looking back through their posts, I also don’t feel any particular reason to trust them. If there’s another target someone wants to rally around, I’d certainly look into it.

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everyone is so generic

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The person who posted right above this.

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I take offence and will go cry in the shower tonight.

unseen gets a factional if there’s an MM but no assassin or moon spirit

My only other target I feel super conferrable with is August. I wouldn’t object hyper hard to Pav, however.

Osaa is not town lean, oops


Karin confirmed my ability so it’s mechanically confirmed I’m either Alchemist, Pleaguebearer, or w/w with Karin.


abella basically said what I said but im fine with them being king

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Townlean on Karin.