Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Okay ill give you one
I’m the mastermind. HenryK is the Bastard → Psychotic king. Caligura is the Alchemist. You are the last BD.
The alchemist said they’re siding psychotic king if it goes to F3. The only mecahnical way for you to win is to vote HenryK, hope it rands to them, and then for me to convert you.
I believe Caligura can confirm this.


Honestly wouldnt be shocked if youre litten
theyre the only person ive seen use joy cat

I don’t know who this Litten person is, but I bet they’re very handsome and good at mafia. :joy_cat:

Okay nvm youre litten

I assume none of you are heretics :wowee:


This is where we’re at I think

what if Luka converts Litten

Indeed true. you are DI.
However, the alchemist will side against you as said, and they have stoneskin. If they didnt, they wouldve voted psychotic king for guarenteed victory.

Okay so what do we think the ???'s are

@karin can you vote and lock in vote so we can end the game today please

@icetfeelspain I know youre on

If Henryk is chopped Unseen + me (regardless of alignment) + you (converted to Unseen) win.

If Olivia gets chopped, it goes to f3 because both me and you are NK immune. (Or you might die before that anyway if you lied about being NK immune.) Then I’m kingmaker there between you and Henryk. I will side with Henryk.

So, BD mechanically can still win, but socially I’ve decided I’m siding with Henryk. So if you want to win, you should be cult-siding. Olivia has no reason to not convert you. And I win together with cult regardless of alignment.

@Caligura if HenryK dies from execution and Olivia fails to convert me for some unknown reason would you vote with me


Why would she fail to convert you?


VOTE: henryk @Rher @eevee lock vote end day

marcoh is messing me up because if u told the truth, needles was possessifier and then jumped to marcoh. and then there was a second marcoh. but we never even know the original marcoh. how sad

We’ll see post game