Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Same, but we can change our king votes (I hope) and if nothing else changes here they’d be who I’d pick right now.

Osaa is someone I townread and they’d be my runner up but their claim is distinctly more useful not kinged. Like, more useful than kinging a random noble or a random physician would be.

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Hey, if a Cult Leader can successfully brainwash an entire Kingdom of subjects there ceases to be a difference at all, you know!

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They’ll have no reason not to claim once kinged to be fair. Easy enough to start catching them out or confirming them after that.

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lying darkness

Their class would be king not whatever they were before wouldn’t it?

could’ve sworn there was more “accurately claims” effects but all of them are guess class

Like - maybe claiming “I am the good king” accurately still triggers that but uh… lol

ill ask if it counts as claiming if they claim their previous class

oh fuck

it PROBABLY does

oh wait nvm u cant target king with it lmao

anyone else find it weird that Elected King has no “if you order execute a royal blood you die” clause

why dont you like that post


im like 90% sure this isnt intentional but

I couldn’t understand most of what Observer was doing when I looked at it’s abilities either to be honest.

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incredibly absurd way to cast suspicion on somebody lmao


it stalks its targets on twitter what is hard to understand

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this is a medieval court room who has twitter here

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