Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

yeah fair

Okay to be fair that’s compelling but I still wouldn’t want our most powerful town role claiming just to get more KP.

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lategame it makes sense but not earlygame

More KP that can backfire and insta-kill them btw


biggest thing later kings get is a vanillizer
which prince already has
but late Prince!King is a confirmed king, so that the wolves can’t take the vanillizer

oh nvm prince only has a day occ

so what you’re saying is if prince survives a while and then the king mysteriously dies we just make a king prince.


I don’t hate that.

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i think the biggest problem with this strategy is the “prince survives a while” bit

You can have a town-read for suggesting this in the first place because I doubt even the prince has thought of this gameplan yet.

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if this is implying we kill king, we should be kinging a TR. I dont think itl change heavily, so late game, even with the power they have, we dont kill king

prince dies n2

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or prince chops today by some ongodly mistake
maybe theyre right, maybe we should NL today(joke)

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@abella @tanaka consider moving your vote off of Marina btw
i really hate the idea of crowning a 2-poster

Sort’ve am depending on how the king we get acts, but I don’t expect our starting king to survive the entire game regardless if they have been acting as a townie would and should.


oh also ive been told that Elected King does not die if they hit someone with royal blood

so we’re safe in that regard

ive gone long without giving henry a read somehow

i think they’re at least towny enough to stay alive today so. i wouldn’t be apposed to them being king either lol

on a different topic, it does indeed seem like a handful of people are jumping on pav, which i’m not nearly as opposed to killing today anymore. i wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt but they seem avoidy af which doesn’t match my initial view of them