Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

shit u right

The thread is lots of spaghetti code dont you think?

What does that mean

will you delete the thread for us


Because there’s contradiction in the class thread between

But whatever, don’t elect the prince regardless.

pretty sure Prince overrides the first one

the rule tends to be “abilities override game rules”

/vote no execute

While the election is on-going, let’s talk about finding evil in posts.

What are you doing

VOTE: No Execute

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Don’t think it’s super unreasonable to assume the Prince card making a specific statement about their own election would override general elected King abilities

Then again I also completely forgot first elected King has Order Execute which means I need to read better

Speaking of Order Execute though, a scum having it probably isn’t as bad as it sounds, because we can just… leash it? And if they go against our orders we execute or poison the king?

The Poison, because the king can’t defend against that.


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Okay, I am trusting you on that.

still better to give it to BD tho because people will probably make like.
a poe
and then the evil king will just shoot a town in the poe

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Yeah no I agree there

You Have A Better Idea?

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VOTE: Nashrah


That’s not what I am asking.

WHAT are you doing, do you have any reason to sleep