Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win


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i was actually just informing you that order execute is a murder ability but

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bypasses everything since its an execution

Are we sure Osaa doesn’t have a role they keep upon becoming King?

imho if they do have a role they keep when becoming King then they probably got converted n1

…which I don’t think is an implausible TMI slip coming from the player, but I still don’t think that Osaa is starting evil so id stay away for now unless they start acting weird in other ways

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Oh, nevermind, I understand the source of the misunderstanding now.

@Osaa Of the Blue Dragon roles, only the Prince retains their abilities upon being promoted. This quote was from the Prince’s rolecard.

…honestly no not really :wowee:

I made a joke about your character from the game who is cult leaderish in presence, and connected it to your tones of vocal in this game. I dont know what else to say

My interaction with Nashrash was me simply saying i dont like their no vote instantly. they told me their reasoning was that their was a high likely chance for us to kill a good player today (same with every game). but didnt give anything a shot to just wait for info/or reads to be formed. they came into today wanting to no vote.

ok no yeah fair i’ll take that.

Do you have a scumread at the moment, Samarie?

Ok Cool

Thats extremely fair

Wait so when i am making jokes i am scum, But when nashrash is making jokes they are town. what the fuck Kaiser?

I am unable to say why cause i need to keep my identity hidden. but this is the first time in a long while i am to reach thread. and i am apologies for that, I’ll work harder today.

You have a reason for this? or you just sheeping the other two.

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Yeah, that would be the case. I am figuring you out about your read on Olivia. There’s something I am not liking slightly between this. Though it’s only based on assumption that you are giving townlean on something that’s said NAI.

Sorry was wall posting. I have been readin chat while i have been doing shit yesterday.

Kaiser - After seeing their accusation on me i can break it down into a few easy steps

  1. I mentioned the word Cult leader… Apperently this is like a voldemort thing?
  2. My interaction with nashrash asking him why he is not voting and why he thinks it was the best idea? which btw is still not sitting with well with me, it feels like a cop out to not go too deep into investigations today
  3. I said marie seems town. which if you scroll back up

I never said Marina was town??
4. I am not contributing much i am just saying lore and

Ooops premature enter
hold on

Sheeping, I dont like any other wagon. Kind of null on your slot so :p

Kind. I feel bad for killing you now. I hate this. VOTE: Levi

_ quips

which in Kaiser’s defence. is fair i never know what to do first half of the day and i sometimes shut myself into a box of comedy and one liners. but when talking about Nashrash he straight up says “Making jokes is hard to do as scum” so like i dont understand why me having jokes is worse then them having jokes

If this is evil… scum what ever its called in this format. then nashrash is probably with them

I dont think the read felt explicitly pockety. More like a passing note- You could read it as SvS though, I cant really refute it

fair enough i guess. cant really argue with that tho

You suspect he’s harmful neutral?

naw :sob::sob::sob:

I wouldnt execute them. but i would leave the looming presence of a gun over their head.

as they said

having a doc is pretty good in the grand scheme of things. especially when Black Kev stated we have both cult and Unseen.
which speaking of did he ever come back with that?