Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

I Have Cracked The Setup And The Hosts Are Frozen. They Don’t Know How To Deal With Me…

Basically it feels like there’s some projection baked in there to me. Why would my goal be to confuse others and if my goal is to confuse others why do you seem to have me figured out, why would I want to sound smart if it’s the kind of posturing you could view as nefarious, why would I want to beat around the bush and how is that alignment related?

What if it’s just that you’re confused by me and that’s causing you to interpret what I say uncharitably? That feels like it’s way closer to the reality of things from where I stand

What If I Told You I Am Unkillable? Does That Sound Like A Fool Play?

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No. It sounds like the play of a damn genius


fool loses if they die to order execute

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this means they have to be voted out

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same as Retribution

Impossible, unless you are not what everyone thinks you are. If you are unkillable we will vote you out the next day. Either way, you lose.

I Have Years On This Game. I Know How To Win And Rest Of Blue Dragon Needs To Decide If They Want To Work With Me Or Lose By Wasting Order Execution On Me. I Already Did The Math.

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I fundamnetally disagree with this post
With how Nashrah’s doing it, it kind of puts them at gunpoint. Youre doing it much more laxly(which I like might more) but I dont think its deserving of being town read.
Also they said “town specific fun”

Im so curious to see who you are post game

I am not asking to be town read because of it. i am asking why its different.

thats a fair pin point tbh tho

okay so whatever Nashrah’s doing its anti-town

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i might as well kill them right now

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they’re probably Fool

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Tier list based on how funny you are currently:
I love: Kaiser, Nashrah
I like: Samarie(burned at the stake post)
I forgot: the rest of you(sorry if you said anything funny!)

You Truly Are A Tyrant

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Fool has hide so they cant be killed by just any old BD
but i suppose Prince can kill them

It is a LHF but I want to push for a CFD of Levi

well not a CFD but