Legacy Forum of Lies 2 - The Psychopathic King, Possessor, and Alchemist win

Goodbye Nashrah. Pleasure engaging in mayhem with you. I had voted you to be King.


an enemy of the regime!


o7 Always in our hearts Nashrash

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oh I dont read

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cant wait to discover that this applies to ALL executions and that since im voting them i die

better hope they aren’t fool, i guess

It might only apply to execution by vote?

i hope so

I hope theyre the trollboxer
One well timed trollbox seems really devistating

and if they are it removes scums option to backpedal

For clarity’s sake I’ll rephrase what I initially said as:

It is hard to intentionally be funny as wolf

Which you requoted as “Making jokes is hard to do as scum”. Let’s rephrase that as:

It is hard to intentionally make jokes as wolf

I’d have to admit you’re right if you can show that all jokes are funny, maybe… But wait, if this is true wouldn’t my ultimate goal be to just make others tell jokes endlessly then since that would make them town to me? Whoa you think I’m like a crazy person, huh? Actually your entire line here is so creative that I think it kinda left me in shock and it took me until now to realise you’re just ride or die town or very very very occasionally a wolf with unmatched artistic vision, and either way you’ve outskilled me! Can you be our next king after Nashrah kills Henryk please?

ok yeah i guess i can see your difference but in either case i dont think its solid enough evidence to town or scum read someone

i wont lie. Kaiser i am still extremely unsure with your play style but you are calling yourself out alot. i believe this was the third off chance you doing this. which i dont necesarilly see in a lot of scum players? so now you have me confused again. my brain says your scum trying to win me away. my gut is telling me that i am dumb and shouldnt trust my brain. please talk more. or better let imma just re read shit

I dont know if me being king would be good for my anxiety levels in the slightest :sweat_smile: but my power isnt the strongest so i am not against it?

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bad news

That’s right, and numbers never tell lies. They fear what you’re capable of and the words they speak against you are their only means of stopping you, but it’s not enough… They are still playing the game you already beat.

He Is Eternal

Ah… welll

Do you mind telling us why you mentioned the word Cult Leader before it was implied we have cult in game?

Logic tells me this is not something normal townsfolks do.

He was speaking like a cult leader. dont know what else i can say about that

literally described someone as cult leader like in their presence and dialogue. didnt call them an actualy cult leader role wise.