Mafia Championship Season 10 - We're invited! [Phase 2 Voting]

can I vote for everyone

i set it so you can choose up to 7 options, and there are 7 options

Are the voters shown in the results?

explicitly not

its the same type of poll they used for the awards drafting; only the moderators can see, regardless of the time or closure


I think everyone deserves to go, good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

i will uncover your identity, masked person

I don’t know what that means. I am UwU, nothing to be uncovered. I feel that some people treat me strangely on this site.

you are a phantom from my past

aren’t we all, Marluxion?

not cute, invalid, get out of our town wolf

Why you have to be mean :anguished:

remember kids, if you really hate someone you can vote for everyone but them and it essentially counts as -1 vote for them
the ultimate level of spite

Honestly if someone hates me enough to do that it’s a win. The opposite of love is indifference

this is unironically the strat

voting “one person who isn’t Bob” and “everyone except Bob” has literally the same numerical impact on whether Bob advances to round 3 although it could affect the size of the candidate pool he faces if he does

i wish i had your childhood

use ur mod powers nerd