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I prefer my orange to be the flavor in my candy.

It’s only good if it’s 100%

ruby your entire water supply has been replaced with orange juice
how are you cleaning things
how are you showering
this is never a win


you could make so much money selling bottles of your infinite OJ supply that it wouldnt matter

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how the hell is my highest at 58.6%

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you have midas touch but just for liquids though

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showering in OJ doesn’t sound that bad

you need to be locked up

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Drink it
(Also if the touch thing comes into play am running to the ocean to make it 100% orange juice)


Noooo my seafood

How much did they pay you to do this?

You’re definetly onto something (I have no idea what’s the context)

2 dollar

we were paid off by mu

I wonder is Phasmophobia still relevant in this day and age?

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