My perception of FoLer Movie Archetypes

the fact 4 people replied within 1 minute of this getting posted is concerning

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We were talking about weddings and pasta.

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“we” were not talking about weddings i was to myself in the cookie thread

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So you’re already unaware of certain movie tropes, so that disqualifies you from being the mentor or confidant, but you’re friendly enough. You’re not very proactive and while I could imagine that you would hold a grudge against the world, I don’t think it’s what anyone would expect of you.

If you’re in an action movie, you’re the person who stays behind. You could be more present in a comedy or drama, and the sort of person that I take you for makes me think you’d be the comedy relief in a dramatic (crime?) movie, the cutie who needs to be broken by the plot. A witness who didn’t realise how vulnerable they were, but you manage to bounce back. If you’re a horror character, you’re quickly murdered off-screen after having decent screentime beforehand. You aren’t an evil killer, although people might think you’re hiding something anyway.

As for a specific archetype… I’m thinking a support role. Colleague, or a not-the-closest friend to the protagonist.



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i think you could be an interesting antagonist
but you don’t really have anything to prove or anything you really want to stand-by
you’d be a good antagonist to a villain protagonist team, i think

(this is to magnus)


may should be the next james bond

(may sexism arc)

1984 by George Orwell


Already happened

Magnus keeps trying to retcon it out of existence

I like this idea a lot. I couldn’t fill a protagonist role, because I’m not reactionary enough. I don’t really see myself as a villain either, although I can certainly think up plots that might come from one. Thanks, this perfectly suits me.


round 2 baby

It did not happen.


very movies

pick me

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I hate you.


toxic moderators

chloe ban


Eliza feels like that one creepy side character who’s in the background of every shot. She’s always there, liking your posts, but in the context of the story, she’s the watcher. Eliza is theory fuel, rather than a tangible character in the narrative; she might be talked about vaguely, or perhaps her presence can only be inferred by background events.

Eliza’s like Gaster, I guess I could say.