My perception of FoLer Movie Archetypes

I don’t think a right hand man works for me either

im about to utter the worst words i ever have but has anyone seen pokemon rusty

oh god memories have been unearthed

how did i pick the most awkward post to reply to entering the thread on accident?
please bury me

[in cement]

You were one to Leafia and May, though.

im pretty sure any character there could be given an fol counterpart

if it’s any consolation i’m still laughing about it

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that does help

Yes, but that is because I am loyal to a fault, not necessarily because they were evil


Anyway, wrong words.
Litten is played by the forces of evil but he thinks he’s one step ahead. He’s not.


It’s weird because I am more loyal to people I feel a connection with

Taking Rubi over me.

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i think they could make a very interesting movie about fm players (where a lot of them think they’re more capable in a real world social deduction situation than they are)


Maybe as an allegory, yeah.

I didn’t really care about Ruby, that’s true, I mainly cared about the fact that I thought aelin would be very pissed off if I recall correctly

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I just like holding it over your head.

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i wouldnt be so sure


Litten and May were twins with common interests
They often switched places in school by switching clothes (especially a certain hat)
When [blank] happened, that all changed

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Somehow, he still manages to win at the end of the story, despite the fact that he wasn’t steps ahead