My perception of FoLer Movie Archetypes

you gotta wait till halloween. this is magnus’s place

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By the way, he didn’t die from diving through the zombie. He died afterwards, thinking he’d killed it.


It was a super-regenerative zombie who could pull acrobatic manoeuvres.

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Yeah being impulsive doesn’t mean you’re not cautious. I’m paranoid

I just also act like tihs

mahjong soul?

That would be a good villain death for me
Just not the power, a power that is questionable about whether or not they could die from using it would not be power I would use unless absolutely nevvesary

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Nobody answered me in my own thread, I’m crying.

What’s your favourite power, Litten?

The one that would suit you the most.

I don’t know BotC characters well enough!! I do associate you with the Savant.

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Either very right or very wrong.

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flower girl


i refuse to elaborate


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That’s a good one.

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This is completely me.

With the necessary secondary powers, yeah?

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