I think it’s pretty obvious yeah. I think Prisma is polarized.

i still dont understand what people mean by that

It means there’s a drastic difference in how you act based on your alignment

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i mean

you can vote me out and see but you will be losing a valuable role

We need to work together.

@Zorvo Check your PM did you get any feedback besides the one from your ability?

Do you assume this is a genuine slip

I hereby confirm this is correct.

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Votecount as of post #2581

Silviu200530 (2): Whysper, ElizaThePsycho
Prisma101 (1): Silviu200530
Dum (1): Prisma101
crazynuto (1): Zorvo
Whysper (1): Neon

Not Voting (2): crazynuto, Dum

i dont not assume it

it could or couldnt be

im not taking chances

Are you confident this is a slip

not confident but its still a completely random joke that i dont know if it should be taken lightly

Have you considered the same jokes about mafia chat D1 and the logic behind such a nature of jokes?

Or do you feel we should be scrutinized and to make it beyond abstraction, you finally found the wae.

simple explanation?

You feel something about us 2, you can’t put it in words, so you latched to a comment Dum made and finally made it happen.

made what happen

Express your doubt?


now im just plain confused -w-


Do a wallpost on Dum or anyone else and convince us he’s the bad guy

Come on we really don’t have anything here the chat is a grave