crazy what the fuck, dont dip after saying something important

if you are self resolving you need to say so because wagoning you is shitty if thats the case

We shall see

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Final D3 Votecount

crazynuto (3): Zorvo, Silviu200530, Dum
Silviu200530 (3): Whysper, ElizaThePsycho, crazynuto
Dum (1): Prisma101
Whysper (1): Neon

@Silviu200530 has been executed!

His role was...

Night 3 has begun and will end at 2022-12-14T21:00:00Z.

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…oh, and also:

crazynuto gains one warning point for not meeting the minimum post requirement. (Rule #2)

(Not that this actually matters anyway since you’d need to collect three warning points before you actually get in trouble. Still, I believe that I have to mention it.)

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@Neon has been killed!

Her role was...

Day 4 starts and ends at 2022-12-16T21:00:00Z.

Since there are 6 players alive, majority requires 4 votes.


Nice fucking job everyone

you just lynched one obvious townie and the other got killed

It is currently MYLO.

Votes are locked.

@crazynuto wanna explain how exactly you broke that tie

All cards out today, it’s MYLO. Whysper is jailor, Zorvo is ?? but was mech conf by silv, Eliza is PH and noto is something that breaks ties

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Im town recruiter, i had a mason chat with neon and silviu which all 3 of us sofled by making scum chat jokes

To all the non claimers, you have 10h to claim before i vote you. Since votes are locked, if i vote you and you are town we just lose, so CLAIM

Confirming what Dum said about me being town jailor. I jailed him last night.

Also, everyone be careful not to hammer Nuto today. We need the time to discuss.

I’m assuming it’s a double vote or something like that

This is what I had over night but Neon died