I won’t be here for EoD so good luck everyone! :smile:

Sorry, been busy, but dropping by. From looking at the recent posts, it sounds like we have everything covered, so no execution it is!

VOTE: No Exec

BTW, I probably won’t be on until quite a bit later after SoD. Good luck all! :ayaya:

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VOTE: No Exe

VOTE: [No Exe]

Final D4 Votecount

[No Exe] (3): Zorvo, Prisma101, Whysper
crazynuto (2): Dum, ElizaThePsycho
Dum (1): crazynuto

Nobody has been executed.

Night 4 has begun and will end at 2022-12-17T21:00:00Z. Players may vote to skip Night 4 by having all living players write "/skip night" in their Role PM.

Additionally, Day 5 will last only last for 24 hours (not including extra time by skipping Night 4), unless all living players write "/extend day" in their Role PM.

@Dum has been killed!

His role was...

Day 5 starts and ends at 2022-12-18T21:00:00Z.

Since there are 5 players alive, majority requires 3 votes.


That was the dumbest kill ever.

Anyway, I Got a Red on Whysper so we vote that.

We also now have a red on Crazy so we just win.


Vote Crazy or Whysper, it doesn’t matter.

Ah fu–

Due to an irreversible mod-error, the game can no longer continue. Prisma101 was the one who was supposed to be killed. This game is hereby cancelled.

Note: This hurts. What hurts even more is the fact that -had this game continued- Town would’ve most likely won anyway.


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That was something.

thats my worst nightmare as a host

im so sorry zone


Rerand time!