paint chain (28/30)

Paint Chain

An extremely original idea by yours truly, NOT stolen from UncleDynamite (or whoever inspired him) NOT AT ALL. Nope.


  1. You may in as a Describer, a Painter, Either, or Both. You can in via forum or discord if you don’t have an account and someone linked you this because paint chain is just that hype :joy_cat:

  2. Once it is your turn in the chain…
    – If you are a Describer, you will be given a picture to describe in 10 words or less. You will have ~24 hours for this, although if you for some reason need more this can probably be arranged. Any attempts to use fake words or hyphenated words to communicate extra words will be denied, this isn’t that serious.
    – If you are a Painter, you will be given the a description of a previous painting. You will then have ~72 hours to draw something representing that description. You can use any digital painting method you want, but it must be something you drew. Physical drawings are accepted too. No AI, that’s not fun.

  3. Obviously, if you in as Either, you may end up being a Describer or a Painter. The above all applies, and you will likely just be placed in whatever side there’s less of.

  4. If you in as Both, if there’s enough interest then I will try to do two different paint chains so you can paint in one and describe in the other. If I don’t think this is particularly viable then I will instead just put you down as Either, unless you have a preference.

  5. Once everything is said and done, the host will reveal the chain(s) in dramatic, humorous, and maybe even entertaining ways at some scheduled date. :slight_smile:

Describer ins:

  1. benguined
  2. Leafia
  3. Ren
  4. Kelsier
  5. LittleLee
  6. Marluna

Painter ins:

  1. Marshal
  2. Chloe
  3. Squirrel
  4. eepy
  5. Zugzwang

Either ins:

  1. May
  2. Arete
  3. tutuu (prefer paint)
  4. Ash
  5. Myrddin
  6. Garfooled
  7. Bionic
  8. childe
  9. kanave

Order (will try to keep this as up to date as possible!)

  1. Paint: [REDACTED] :white_check_mark:
  2. Describe: @benguinedparbecue :white_check_mark:
  3. Paint: @Marshal :white_check_mark:
  4. Describe: @Leafia :white_check_mark:
  5. Paint: @Chloe :white_check_mark:
  6. Describe: @Ren :white_check_mark:
  7. Paint: @Squirrel2412 :white_check_mark:
  8. Describe: @Kelsier :white_check_mark:
  9. Paint: @Ash :white_check_mark:
  10. Describe: @LittleLee :white_check_mark:
  11. Paint: @Zugzwang :white_check_mark:
  12. Describe: @Marluna :white_check_mark:
  13. Paint: @tutuu :white_check_mark:
  14. Describe: @Garfooled :white_check_mark:
  15. Paint: childe @Brakuren :white_check_mark:
  16. Describe: @Someone :white_check_mark:
  17. Paint: @Arete :white_check_mark:
  18. Describe: @Kanave :white_check_mark:
  19. Paint: eepy :white_check_mark:
  20. Describe: @Myrddin :white_check_mark:
  21. Paint: @May :white_check_mark:
  22. Describe: @YouButWorse :white_check_mark:
  23. Paint: @Bionic :white_check_mark:
  24. Describe: @lol :white_check_mark:
  25. Paint: @beancat :white_check_mark:
  26. Describe: @WindwardAway :white_check_mark:
  27. Paint: @Relm :hourglass_flowing_sand:
  28. Describe: @Agentt :yawning_face:
  29. Paint: @Lemonfairy :yawning_face:


/both or /either

why is there a both option
there is never a both option



because im not like other paint chain hosts

also because i might be stupid but ill let someone tell me why its abad idea or ill figure out why it is

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/in as both/either

/in painter

I Am Taking The Superior Both Option And You Cannot Stop Me

/in as both, prefer to paint

/in as describer

/In as Either. I’m an awful artist, but that’s part of the fun.

/in as describer


ok i have convinced myself both is a stupid idea

@Myrddin putting you in as either

You Have Stopped Me :pensive:


I have no skill as a painter, so /In as describer.


/in to describe

/in painter