Planets Tracker9 - Day 4 (2/9) - Mafia Win!

that’s enough solving for me for the rest of the day

If you guys want me to reevaluate your slots, then start doing something that I can read into, otherwise I will have zero qualms if I’m wrong on your slots.


as i said

extremely strung out

…upon reading the thread, do you think I’m a wolf at all?

your just gonna come back at eod and start tunneling someone else aren’t you lol

Probably Gorta.

Gorta literally is only Mafia with Eliza as I have stated serval times before, multiple times before, way before you even mentioned it.

Therefore Aleph isn’t with Gorta and may try and pull a Gorta CFD come CFD time.

how about no, I’ll vote when I’m ready. I just got back home like an hour ago and now it seems people are saying I’m scum because they townread everyone else, but hey what’s new

I’m telling you you are misclearing someone, d1 had little to no content and I was gone most of today, so put 2 and 2 together

I’m too tired to deal with this right now

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The only one that mentioned that was Litten.

I don’t TR everyone else.

Hermes being Frostbyte or Zedus probably means they are town.
I really REALLY doubt Marluna is wolf even though there is still that low chance they are but I like to not think of that.

Litten can be wolf.
Aleph can be wolf.
Eliza can be wolf.

Your only a wolf with Eliza.

I’m way too tired for this

Remember we only have 15 hours left in the day.

I will be awake before 4 PM

The fact last post was 7 hours ago has me concerned that people lost their WiM.

Wait no sorry it was 8 hours ago.

nothing happened

Eliza frozen

I was sleeping, but it is concerning that no one else posted

where in the world is everyone?

I need to wake up for a few minutes, but I do plan to look at Eliza again and a few others

Eliza make me the best choice here tbh.